The Isles of the Many Gods by david rank
Sekhmet and Bastet cover
The Grimoire of Pope Honorius by David R
Dragon Bones Ritual, Myth and Oracle in
The Square and the Circle by Payam Nabar
The Cunning Man's Handbook The Practice
Circle for Hekate by Sorita d'Este Mytho

Welcome to the NEW website!

2020 has brought with it many transformations and challenges.  The publication of both Evocating the Gods & Precious Apothecary had to be delayed by several weeks due to issues with printing and distribution, but we are delighted that both long-awaited titles are now available for advance order. 

We know it has been frustrating, and although there are still delays to shipping and delivery in some regions, you can now order your copies for delivery.  

We are also excited to be preparing for the release of a number of other new titles which will be joining the catalogue this Autumn.


For more information on our new titles - click here.  

Evocating the Gods by Christopher A. Plaisance

Evocating the Gods by Christopher A. Plaisance

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