Working the Magic of the Practical Qabalah and the Tree of Life in the Western Mystery Tradition
By David Rankine and Sorita d’Este

"The Qabalah gives understanding and wisdom through knowledge, strength and mercy through beauty, and a foundation of victory and splendour, crowning the seeker within their own kingdom and raising them to the heights of their own genius."

The Qabalah is a uniquely lucid and practical path of magical practice and spiritual philosophy. The essence of this ancient wisdom is a spectrum of simple and effective techniques for transforming yourself and your life. Qabalistic practices focus around the glyph called the Tree of Life which weaves together the magick and symbolism of the four elements, the seven classical planets, and the zodiac into a single perfect whole.

In Practical Qabalah Magick, the most effective Qabalistic practices created by the great Qabalists of the past are united in one place with techniques developed by the authors drawing on their own research, and inspired by the rich heritage of the Western Mystery Tradition.

The wealth of techniques within this unique and ground-breaking work include how to use your voice to project your intent through the Vibratory Formula and so effectively draw on the power of the Divine Names and other words of power, Unification of the Divine Names to rise up the Tree of Life, the power of effective prayer and how to develop the power of prophecy (Ruach HaQadosh), the temples of the Sephiroth, working with the archangels and angels (including the zodiacal archangels), the powers of the 22 Paths and how to use them, how to draw on the 231 Gates; the Lightning Flash exercise, a new Qabalistic method for consecrating talismans, and the Kerubic Prayer Formula, being made publicly available for the first time.

Using the practices contained within this book to explore the beautiful and insightful philosophies of the Qabalah, you may journey through all of the Four Worlds. Practical Qabalah Magick provides the tools to grow with the magick of the Tree of Life and enhance your spiritual, mental, emotional and material lives.

2009, 206 pages. Paperback & Kindle editions available.
ISBN 978-1-905297-22-1
B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm (Demy 8vo) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam

Practical Qabalah Magick by David Rankine and Sorita d'Este

  • Qabalah Magick
    Table Of Intentions
    The Sephiroth
    Kether (Kthr)
    Chokmah (Chkmh)
    Binah (Binh)
    Daath (Daath)
    Chesed (Chsd)
    Geburah (Gbvrh)
    Tiphereth (Tpharth)
    Netzach (Ntzch)
    Hod (Hvd)
    Yesod (Isvd)
    Malkuth (Mlkvth)
    The Paths
    The Vibratory Formula
    The Divine Names
    Unification Of The Divine Names
    The Archangels
    The Angels
    The Heavens
    Magick Through The Worlds
    Talismanic Magick
    Polarity Work
    Temples Of The Sephiroth
    The Lightning Flash Exercise
    Qabalah In Daily Life
    The 231 Gates
    The Power Of Prayer
    Kerubic Prayer Formula
    Ruach Haqadosh
    Deities Of The Sephiroth
    Reincarnation & The Qabalah
    Attributions Of The Paths
    Planetary Hours
    The Tarot And The Tree Of Life
    The Hebrew Alphabet

  • David is an author, researcher and qabalist based in Glastonbury, UK. He is the author or co-author of numerous books published by Avalonia, including The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet, A Collection of Magical Secrets, The Book of Treasure Spirits, The Book of Gold, Climbing the Tree of Life, The Cosmic Shekinah, Practical Qabalah Magick, The Isles of the Many Gods, and The Guises of the Morrigan.

    Sorita d’Este has been experimenting with ways of walking on the liminal since she was a child, exploring along the way many pathways of experiencing magic, mysticism and religion.  Her own personal practice integrates aspects of Hellenic (Greek), Egyptian and Hermetic practices with a lived Orphic inspired philosophy, and experience gained in Initiatory Craft, traditions preserved in Italian, French and British grimoires and other contemporary esoteric teachings of the East and West.

    More on her website at



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