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Avalonia welcomes constructive feedback from readers about our titles.


Some of our authors are available for interviews related to their work,  some are available for press enquiries and consultation work.  Letters or emails for authors will be passed to them in confidence. The opinions and beliefs expressed by our authors & contributors are theirs - not ours.

If you have a query about your order or a delivery, please contact us.
If you have received a faulty or damaged book from a reseller (e.g. Amazon, or a bookshop) please contact them in the first instance.  If they are unable to resolve your issue, you are welcome to write to us about the issue, with proof of your correspondence with the reseller, and we will do our best to help you resolve the issue.

COVID-19 & 2020/2021

There are ongoing delays in delivery and production, affecting most regions - but in particular orders placed from Australia, South America, North America and Africa.  Please allow more time than usual for delivery - if you need your order sooner, you may be able to order from Amazon or other online retailers in your region; alternatively you can contact us if you want to order something to be delivered by superfast courier (though note that this will incur additional charges at cost).

Also see:  Shipping & Returns

Please write to us for more details:


BM Avalonia
United Kingdom


avaloniabooks @

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