The Tree of Life
By Gary St. M. Nottingham

Otz Chim is a practical exploration of the magic of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the glyph which concentrates the essence of magic and mysticism within the Western Mystery Tradition. English alchemist and sorceror Gary Nottingham introduces the symbolism and imagery of the ten Sephiroth and twenty-two paths of the Tree, including their appropriate colours, scents and tools. Lesser-known aspects of the Tree are also included, such as the angels associated with the paths, their seals and invocations.

This is a manual of practical Kabbalah, and included in the rites are the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar exercise, the Malkuth Temple, and the Massa Aborum Vitae (The Mass of the Tree of Life), a previously unavailable rite based on the aspects of the Tree and used by the author's ritual magic group.

The author provides an ideal introduction to practical Kabbalah that will appeal to students and practitioners of ceremonial magic, the grimoires and western esotericism.

This book is Volume V of the 7-volume series Foundations of Practical Sorcery by Gary St. Michael Nottingham.

2015, 130 pages. Paperback & Kindle editions available.
ISBN 978-1-905297-78-8
B&W 6.14 x 9.21 in or 234 x 156 mm (Royal 8vo) Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam

Otz Chim by Gary St. M. Nottingham

  • ‘Out of Nothing Came All’
    ‘Approaching the Ladder of Light’
    ‘The Ten Stations of Descending Light’
    ‘The Paths of the Tree’
    Praxis - The Work
    Rites and Rituals
    Further Reading

  • Gary St. M. Nottingham’s commitment to the study and practice of the alchemical arte, ritual magic, grimoires and spirit conjuration means that he can often be found peering at bubbling flasks or a shewstone – or otherwise engaged in deepening his knowledge and understanding of such matters.  His practices also draw on the work of the 17th-century astrologer William Lilly and the arte of horary astrology.

    He organised the legendary Ludlow Esoteric Conference (2004-2008), helped produce Verdelet occult magazine, has taught many free day workshops on basic occult skills and is a popular speaker at esoteric conferences.

    The seven volumes of Foundations of Practical Sorcery are an unabridged collection of Gary’s much sought-after previously published work, updated and made available to a wider readership at last.  Ars Alchemica and Ars Angelorum may be seen as companion volumes to this central work.  

    Gary was raised in south Shropshire, where, during his mid-teens, he became involved with a small Coven, thereby gaining an excellent grounding in a wide selection of magical practices.   Following the conjuration of a spirit, and asking it for help that manifested when least expected, he subsequently became involved with a group of practising alchemists. 

    He has a background in horticulture, enjoys spending time in the garden and playing chess.