By Lyn Baylis

Homemade Wine for Seasonal Festivals is a practical and accessible guide to the spiritual and medicinal uses of wines made using the plants and fruits of the British countryside. The celebration of transformations expressed through the seasonal cycle of the year is at the heart of all nature-based spiritualities, and the author demonstrates how the practice of wine-making mirrors and enriches the experience of being part of the cycle of nature.

In an age where people are rediscovering the value of traditional home crafts, the spiritual aspects of winemaking, as an alchemy of personal discovery, are richly illustrated through the folklore of the bountiful harvest available to us all when we explore our countryside and distil its essences. Through personal and often humorous anecdotes the author, Lyn Baylis, takes the reader on a journey from her memories of the countryside of her youth to the winemaking practices of today, united by the use of seasonal ingredients. She shares her passion, knowledge and experience of the special kind of magic that has been known to mankind since brewing began.

Included are dozens of recipes for wine, and other alcoholic drinks, such as mead and port, presented in a way suitable for curious newcomers and experienced winemakers alike.

2015, 124pages. Paperback & Kindle editions available.
ISBN 978-1-905297-84-9
B&W 6.69 x 9.61 in or 244 x 170 mm (Pinched Crown) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam

Homemade Wine for Seasonal Festivals by Lyn Baylis

  • Preface
    Understanding wine
    Making wine  as an act of magic
    The practicalities of seasonal winemaking
    A word of warning
    Spring equinox
    Beltane - May Day
    Summer solstice
    Autumn equinox
    Samhain - Halloween
    Winter solstice -Yule
    Candlemas – Imbolc

    Dandelion wine
    Nettle wine
    Birch sap wine
    Young oak leaf wine
    Hawthorn wine
    Gorse wine
    Rose petal wine
    Elderflower wine
    Sparkling elderflower wine
    Strawberry wine
    Blackberry wine
    Plum wine
    Morello cherry wine
    Garden cherry wine
    Mead - honey wine
    Apple wine
    Elderberry wine
    Rosehip wine
    Sloe wine
    Sloe gin
    Rowan berry wine
    Mixed berry wine  - English port
    Wassail bowl
    Wheat whiskey
    Dried fruit wines
    Frozen fruit wines
    Tinned fruit wines

    Basic requirements for country wines
    Glossary of terms used
    Problem page

  • A mother of five, Lyn Baylis was born in London in 1949.

    Lyn's love of winemaking started at a very early age. Perched on her mother’s draining board she would watch her prepare and make wine until finally she was allowed to stir the ingredients and eventually get involved with the whole process. Over the years she shared her winemaking skills with a number of winemaking circles, honing her skill by taking part in competitions.

    Lyn is a Multifaith Chaplain to whom spirituality has always been important – it combines with her love of the countryside to give an added dimension to her winemaking. In addition, by  paying special attention to the medicinal and spiritual qualities of her ingredients,  she began to make wines combining all these elements to create a unique whole.

    Lyn grew up in Sussex and has recently retired there, although she has no plans to stop making wines or giving talks on all aspects of winemaking. An advocate of the holistic approach to medicine and natural remedies she is presently engaged in additional research into wine and its curative qualities.