Practising Buddhism on the Land
By Lokabandhu

Buddhafield is a unique phenomenon in the history of Western Buddhism: a joyous, hard-working, idealistic, experimental, Dharma-practicing community of men, women and children who take delight in Dharma practice out-of-doors, in the woods and fields of England.

Drawing inspiration from the classic Buddhist Mahayana text the Vimalakirti Nirdesa, Buddhafield aspires to be first and foremost a "field of living beings" - but also, of "high resolve, virtuous application, generosity, tolerance, meditation, wisdom", and much more. Buddhafielders are equally at home on a month-long silent meditation retreat in a remote Devon valley or teaching meditation in the depths of the 200,000-person Glastonbury music festival - or serving up veggie burgers 18 hours a day in the Buddhafield Café.

This book sets out to document the many facets of the Buddhafield project, and to explore something of its unique approach to Dharma practice - centred as it is on a love of the elements and community, with a deep appreciation of inter-connectedness and the need for a comprehensive approach to environmental and ecological ethics.

At its core is a collection of ten Dharma talks by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, of which Buddhafield is a part. There's also a full introduction to the many facets of the project, a brief history, a fine collection of photographs, and a series of practical instructions ranging from how to build a geodesic dome to how to make a hot tub to how to make a vegan 'shepherdess pie' for 200 people - all as used in Buddhafield.

The book was produced as Buddhafield prepared to celebrate the 20th Buddhafield Festival, a much-loved annual gathering of some 3,000 people, with a unique 'no-drink-no-drugs' approach to alternative festival-going, asking people to cultivate instead an atmosphere of 'clear and radiant awareness'.

2016, 222 pages. Paperback & Kindle editions available.
ISBN 978-1-905297-94-8
B&W 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam

Buddhafield Dharma compiled by Lokabandhu

  • Dedication
    Introducing  Buddhafield’s dharma
    A field of living beings
    The purification of the buddha-field
    Buddhafield’s vision
    Mission statement 1995
    Buddhafield today
    Buddhafield land
    Frog mill
    Permaculture at Broadhembury
    Buddhafield retreats
    Introducing the total immersion retreat: an interview with Kamalashila
    An unexpected meeting with the wise man by Vessantara
    Buddhafield and the path of parenting: the village retreat
    The history and vision of the village retreat by Amaragita
    The village retreat’s  principles and practices for householder living
    Green earth awakening
    The buddhafield yatra
    A dharma yatra diary by Dave Barr
    The buddhafield café
    Teaching at festivals
    The Prajnaparamita sanctuary an introduction by Sagaravajra
    Work as practice in buddhafield
    Buddhafield dharma:  ten talks and a prose-poem
    Ecology, buddhism, and buddhafield by Akasati
    Nature as Dharma teacher by Akuppa
    Shouting out beauty:  listening to the wisdom of nature by Lokabandhu
    The living elements by Kamalashila
    Being in nature and in silence:  a rare and precious opportunity by Paramananda
    Community, nature and reality:  Buddhist community in depth by Kamalashila
    Dharmadruids:  Buddhist inculturation in the west? By Ratnadeva
    Building an ethical underworld:  lessons from the mafia by Khemasuri
    Connect. Empower. Liberate by Guhyapati
    Strive on!  Five ways to stay sane and true and survive global meltdown by Akuppa
    Myth, poetry and the goddess:  another way of imagining by Dhiramati
    The Buddhafield Festival
    The Dharma Parlour
    Buddhafield festival field guidelines
    Buddhafield festival reviews
    Buddhafield’s themes year by year
    Backstage at Buddhafield
    The Buddhafield café
    Café recipes
    Kitchen secrets
    Building a buddhafield dome by Rupadarshin
    Secrets of the buddhafield hot tub by Rupadarshin
    Buddhafield pujas and other verses
    Padmasambhava of blazing light puja  by Dhiramati
    To the ancestors  by Dhiramati
    The Shambhala Warrior Mind-Training  by Akuppa
    Buddhafield Dharma quotes
    Further information