Inclusive Wicca

By Yvonne Aburrow


“All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals” Doreen Valiente, The Charge of the Goddess

All Acts of Love and Pleasure is a companion guide to inclusive Wicca, which includes all participants regardless of sexual orientation, disability, age, or other differences, not by erasing or ignoring the distinctions, but by working with them creatively within initiatory Craft. Tracing the development of Pagan and Wiccan ideas about gender and sexuality, authority and tradition, we can see that the Craft has evolved since the 1950s, and will continue to develop in the future.

The author examines different ideas in relation to initiatory Wicca, such as eco-spirituality, science, truth, the sacred, sexuality, consent culture, tradition, and magic, and how these concepts can be explored as part of a liberal religious tradition and training as a priestess or priest in Wicca. Each chapter offers further reading, a meditation or visualisation, and practical ideas for rituals and discussions. By examining the origins and relevance of Wiccan concepts, the reader is challenged to explore their own views and how they express their own spirituality.

Although the aim of this book is to act as a guide to existing initiatory covens who want to make their practice more inclusive, its scope is much broader as it deals with wide-ranging issues including group dynamics, coven leadership, ritual, ethics, and Wiccan theology and practice. It is sure to appeal to Pagans, Magicians, Druids and Witches, of all persuasions and views.

2014, 276 pages. Paperback & Kindle editions available.
ISBN 978-1-905297-73-3
B&W 6.69 x 9.61 in or 244 x 170 mm (Pinched Crown) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam


All Acts of Love & Pleasure by Yvonne Aburrow

  • Introduction
    What is the sacred?
    The Wiccan circle
    Gender and sexuality
    Spirituality and sexuality
    Progressive Wicca
    Inclusive Wicca
    Queer Paganism
    Deities and spirits
    The nature of truth
    Wicca and science
    What is magic?
    The hidden children of the Goddess
    Secrecy and confidentiality
    Mythology for Wiccans
    Wiccan rituals
    The shamanic ordeal in Wicca
    Eco-spirituality and embodiment
    Running a coven
    Wiccan values
    Witchcraft and Activism
          Introduction to Wicca course
          Progressive Wicca, talk given in 1988 by Tam Campbell
    Bibliography & further reading


  • Yvonne Aburrow is a Gardnerian Wiccan author and poet who lives in Oxford in a small cottage with her partner Bob and two cats, Morrissey and Ziggy. She has a MA in Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities from Bath Spa University.

    She published All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca with Avalonia in 2015.  Two companion volumes are Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft, and The Night Journey: Witchcraft as Transformation, both published by the Doreen Valiente Foundation in association with the Centre for Pagan Studies, 2021.

    Previous works by Yvonne:

    The Endless Knot, poetry collection, Birdberry Books, 2012

    Many Names, poetry collection, Birdberry Books, 2012

    The Magical Lore of Animals, Capall Bann Publishing, 2000.

    A little book of Serpents, Birdberry Books, 2012.

    Auguries and Omens: the magical lore of birds, Capall Bann Publishing, 1994.

    The Sacred Grove: mysteries of the forest, Capall Bann Publishing, 1994.

    The Enchanted Forest: the magical lore of trees, Capall Bann Publishing, 1993.