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Precious Apothecary by José Leitão

Precious Apothecary is a translation of Botica Preciosa, a Catholic Grimoire compiled by Ângelo de Sequeira Ribeiro do Prado (1707-1776) who was perhaps the most important Brazilian missionary in history. The Botica Preciosa (1754) was his first book and is a collection of prayers, devotions and exercises to the Lady of the Rock and 120 other Saints. Suffused with the author’s missionary purpose the book also contains the consecrations and blessings for oils, flowers, statues and food, as well as exorcisms and prayers for many ailments intended for situations where no priests were available. This is a leading work of pragmatic religious practice in which Sequeira addressed the devotional needs of the ordinary people, and thereby gained a significant following in both Portugal and Brazil.
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Evocating the Gods by Christopher A Plai

Evocating the Gods by Christopher A. Plaisance

Evocating the Gods: Divine Evocation in the Græco-Egyptian Magical Papyri offers the first dedicated analysis of the practice and context of theagogy within the Late Antique world. This book is an in-depth exploration of the historical context of θεαγωγία (divine evocation) within the Papyri Graecæ magicæ (PGM), combined with a comprehensive examination and philological analysis of the technical terms found in the texts.  Christopher A. Plaisance demonstrates that the practice of theagogy is part of a wider tradition, as well as being rooted in Western Esotericism.

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