New Edition: Climbing the Tree of Life

The book Climbing the Tree of Life by David Rankine, first published by Avalonia in 2005, provides a solid foundation aimed at those practising within the Western Occult traditions. David has spent the years since the book's publication updating, adding and improving on the original edition- the result? The 2022 edition of Climbing the Tree of Life which will be released on February 18th - or place your advance order now.

If you already own a copy of the 2005 edition, or simply have a curiousity about what David changed in this edition, this is what he wrote in the Introduction to the 2022 edition:

“Thus this universe of ours is a wonder of power and wisdom, everything by a noiseless road coming to pass according to a law which none may elude – which the base man never conceives though it is leading him, all unknowingly, to that place in the All where his lot must be cast – which the just man knows, and, knowing, sets out to the place he must, understanding, even as he begins the journey, where he is to be housed at the end, and having the good hope that he will be with gods.”

Enneads 4:4, Plotinus

(trans. Stephen MacKenna)

Writing a second edition of a book is one of the great delights for an author. It gives you the chance to share new discoveries and realisations, and amend any errors that you feel crept into your work (both typographical and factual).

A second edition of a book should be noticeably improved on the first edition, or there is no real point in the reader buying it. Since I first wrote Climbing the Tree of Life it has sat on the shelf and on my laptop, with additions being made to the text as I gained new insights into the Qabalah through my practices and research. Now it has reached a point where nigh on every chapter of the book has extra material added, making a second edition a worthwhile endeavour (in my opinion), both for me the author and for you the reader.