Greetings & Welcome to the new Avalonia Books website!

We are delighted that you are taking time to peruse this new website which offers a lot more flexibility and functionality than our previous website which was becoming a bit clumsy with the growing catalogue of titles we have available.

Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing-list (scroll down for details). Subscribers will get monthly newsletters with news of new titles, and occasional special offers, discounts or special invitations. You can unsubscribe at any time and because we don't like spam, or too many emails, we will not be sending you endless emails and we will do our best to keep it brief- your time is valuable to you.

There are many new titles, some of which have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic which caused business interruptions with printers, distributors and shops around the globe, and made it unfeasible for us to release those titles. The majority of the issues have now been addressed and work-rounds have been found - although in some regions there will continue to be delays. We are doing our best.

We will be adding more information, excerpts from some of our bestselling titles and more images to all our listings in the coming weeks. If you have suggestions, or run into a snag, please get in touch!

[View from the Avalonia office window of the town of Glastonbury and Wearyall Hill, England]

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